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Wolf hunts and coyote hunts with Northern Adventure Hunts offers winter wolf & coyote hunts in Northern Alberta Canada

Wolf hunts are done in the months of January, February and March. These are the months when the pelts are the heaviest, the wolves are running in packs and they are looking for food. Wolves can be hunted in any area of the province and we will use which ever area we find the highest concentration. The areas we hunt include areas where farmers are having problems with wolves killing their livestock and areas where we get information from locals that there are too many wolves.

We use snowmobiles, argos, pickups, four wheelers and snowshoes to get to our baits and heated stands. The method of transportation depends on how much snow we have and what the temperature is, as it can be quite cold. We stay in heated cabins or motels (depending on the area). This is a fun, reasonably priced hunt to take in the middle of winter.

Wolf & Coyote Hunt are 6 Days:
6 Day Hunt - $3,550.00 US
Price Does NOT Include License Fees & Tax
Non-hunters are $200.00 U.S. per day
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Alberta Wolf Hunting & Coyote Hunting in Alberta Canada Winter Wolf Hunts & Coyote Hunts with Northern Adventure Hunts